Products are delivered to our warehouses by containers, trailers, trucks, trains or vessels. Our terminals in Hamina and in Kotka can be reached easily with all transportation modes. Overall capacity of our warehouses is 40.000 m2 and additionally we have also a lot of open storage areas.

Hacklin Bulk Boys




Bulk material can be stored in warehouses or silos and outside on storage areas nearby berths and railway. Compatibility of different products and risk for cross contamination will always be taken into consideration. Every product, and in many cases also product batches, are stored in separate warehouses or dust sealed compartments.

BB säkit

Big Bags

Big bags and pallets can be stored either in shared warehouses or separated compartments. Products will be placed in warehouses by product types and groups, always in such a way that there is no risk for cross contamination. In case a product will continue in bulk form after warehousing, service for emptying big bags is also available.


Unclassified liquids

Our warehousing service includes also storage of harmless liquids in packed form. Cold sensitive products can be stored in a heated warehouse.