The main focus of our transportation services is on goods taken through our own warehouses and carried by trucks, but when needed we are ready to serve our customers also with straight deliveries on our area of operations.

We are able to provide all the transportation services needed for the logistics chain as a part of the overall service. Road transportations are handled by our own fleet of trucks and personnel, or in co-operation with our selected partners. With rail and sea transport we can rely on the know-how and services of our sister companies.

Our service concept which includes also just-in-time deliveries to production plants reduces our customers’ workload as well as improves flexibility and reliability of deliveries. Allocation of liability is also clear when the implementation of the service relies on the responsibility of the one and same party. Centralization of operations brings flexibility and efficiency also from our point of view and this often brings savings on the overall logistics costs for our customers.

Hacklin Bulk Boys

Transport of materials



Transport of bulk materials is a part of our special know-how. Our fleet covers both silo trucks and tippers. Cargoes are also delivered with dedicated cargo units and trailers.

When quality change is however needed, best suited cleaning methods will be established and the actions taken documented.



Sea containers

We have several units to be used for container haulage between the container port and the terminals. We utilize combination trucks with maximum weights and lengths in accordance with local regulations. Even larger batches of containers can be handled in an efficient and flexible manner.

At the terminals containers can be lifted off and on the chassis mechanically. Unloading and loading of bulk containers can be done with our 45-degree tippers.

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General cargo, packed goods

General cargo carried by us mainly consists of big bags and intermediate bulk containers (IBC) passing through our warehouses.

In addition to our own fleet, we have a wide network of partners at our disposal. This enables us to take care of large volumes as well as quick-response assignments.