Hacklin Bulk Boys

Terminal services

We offer large-scale terminal services for bulk materials. Our terminals handle both bagged and loose bulk materials in an efficient and comprehensive way. We are small enough to be flexible for handling smaller batches which requires time-consuming procedures, but at the same time also big enough for handling larger volumes.
unloading of vessel in finland port by hacklin bulk boys

Port operations

Our warehouses in Hietanen South harbour area (Kotka) and in Hamina harbour area are located right next to berth areas with a 8,5 m fairway. Nearby berths can be used for vessels with bigger draft. Efficient mobile cranes are in use for discharging and loading bulk materials, big bags and cargo on pallets.


Handling of railway wagons

Our Kotka terminal is equipped with hopper wagon dischargers. Equipments are suitable for many purposes and easy to be well cleaned between different products if needed. Material can also be discharged directly into big bags or trucks from the wagons.

Hamina terminal is equipped with rail and loading platform inside the warehouse, allowing big bag wagons to be handled under shelter.


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Handling of road freight and containers

Terminals are well equipped for receiving and dispatching goods both in bulk and packed form. Weighbridge services for trucks are available at our terminals both in Kotka and Hamina.

Sea containers can be handled either straight on chassis by various ramps or lifted off for handling in ground level. Temporary storage of containers can be arranged. We also provide fitting services for inner liners and flexitanks in case standard containers are carrying bulk materials.

BB rebulking 1


Our core competence is rebulking/depacking, which means changing material from bagged form back to bulk form. During this process material is usually loaded into transportation unit at the same time.

Several silotrucks and tippers are loaded with different products for different industries in our terminals daily. Techniques have been refined during years, enabling pure and efficient processes.

Rebulking of material from big bag to silo in HaminaKotka port - Hacklin Bulk Boys

Value added services and special assignments

We have solutions for crushing, screening and mixing of different products. Bagging services are an essential part of our competence, both from bulk form to big bags and other as well as repacking of packed material.

When needed, we can offer our material handling services even at our customers premises.