Hacklin Bulk Boys has a long experience in loading and discharging a wide variety of bulk goods. Over the years the company has adapted solutions and made tailored models according to many kind of requirements from our customers.
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Terminal services

Efficient reception of cargoes arriving by vessels, rail wagons, containers or trucks.

Emptying big bags into silos for smooth deliveries 24/7 or directly into a silo truck  guarantees that the commodity is delivered in first class condition.

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Hacklin Bulk Boys Ltd, Kotka / Hietanen


Our terminals in Hamina and in Kotka can be reached easily with all transportation modes.

Overall capacity of our warehouses is 40.000 m2 and additionally we have also a lot of open storage areas.

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Transport of materials

The main focus of our transportation services is on goods taken through our own warehouses and carried by trucks.

When needed we are ready to serve our customers also with straight deliveries on our area of operations.

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